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Alphabet soup anyone? NCOA, CASS, EDDM...and a bad experience could leave a bad taste in your mouth. Zander Press Inc. can cleanse your list or help you purchase one. Also with our pre-sort permits and design guidance, we can help you significantly lower your postage rates.

We can't sell you a mailing list, but checkout one of these websites to create and buy your own.

Info USA


To get started on an Every Door Direct Mail®, download our EDDM worksheet or go right to the USPS website.



Spread the word to your customers with custom postcards.  Lots of sizes, papers and embellishments to get everyone's attention.



Get newsletter designing and printing help from our friendly staff.  High quality printing with a variety of papers and formats and in house mailing services.



We offer a wide selection of custom-printed envelopes.  Full color or black.  Lots of paper stocks to choose from.


variable data

Combining variable data and digital printing, we can dynamically image your marketing message on a customer-by-customer basis. We will import your personalized data into our custom designed layouts. We automate the entire printing process, delivering pieces sorted in the proper order. We can even digitally address, barcode and presort mailing pieces.

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Jason Lasky,
Sadoff & Rudoy Industries

We continue to work with Zander Press for multiple reasons. ZPI has the experience, dedication, solutions and friendly staff that make working with them easy. From design to implementation they invest to understand our needs and continually hit the mark with great results at competitive prices.

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